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The Best Betsoft Slots For Real Money | Scatters New Zealand


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Alkemor’s Elements



Take the Kingdom



Take Santa’s shop



Book of Helios


Take Olympus




Betsoft is a core casino game provider brand that’s been around for ages and has come out with some of the biggest slots out there, so let's talk a bit of history, and tell you about some of their biggest slots!

Betsoft Gaming Provider 

Betsoft Gaming is one of the biggest game developers out there throughout the casino world, and they heavily invest in their graphic quality, something all players can notice. Unless you’ve been living under a metaphorical rock you’ll have heard of this provider and some of their games. This provider has a long of games and more coming out as time goes on, they have over 150 games for you to play, with high levels of quality and fun. 

Whatever type of player you are to enjoy the technology used in the making of these slots, with their level of quality and care put into them, and seeing how this provider is partnered with so many casinos, like Scatters you can play them anywhere, but the best place is Scatters!

Let's talk about History 

This Betsoft Gaming has not surprisingly been around for almost 2 decades, since 1999, they are the vanguard of interactive and heavily immersive casino slot games. You can’t talk iGaming without bringing this provider up at least once, and you can’t mention Betsoft without mentioning their amazing 3D cinematic slots, which someone easily got to work on mobile devices seamlessly. 

Betsoft Gaming, really and taking a liking to mobile gaming. As they in 2012 formed a sidekick brand named ToGo, which they claim is one of the most progressive and fun products in the industry, they’ve also moved slot3 game slots to mobile platforms for Android and iOS systems, and are still at it to date. And if you didn’t know Slot3 is a collection of decently cinematic games, that uses technology unique to Betsoft!

After some information about one of our favourite providers let us talk and show you some of their hottest games right now on Scatters. These slots were picked based on what our players (you) are playing and enjoying. These slots have amazing 

The best games to play for real money

Betsoft has developed a lot of casino games in the last years, here you will find the best to play for real money.

Position #1 - Take Olympus Online Slot | Play now

Take Olimpus Best Betsoft slots for real money

The Gods of Olympus are offering a challenge to whoever can best them, and that warrior whoever they are will be handsomely rewarded with riches above any imagination, so take up arms and challenge the gods themselves today! 

Let's talk about the basics of this very nice-looking slot, this slot is played on 5 reels, and it has 50 paylines which should help lead you to a great win, a return to player RTP of 95.49, it has a lot o fantastic features and games to play easily ready for you to use to get to winning! 

Game Features

This slot works on a 10-cycle system, with gods as the main characters. On every 10 spin rounds, the god changes and a new one takes over. Each one of the gods has its different features and effects, plus a nice-looking design and background. 

Each god will build up its “power” (feature) throughout your cycle and will eventually let loose of that power in a “God Event”. The gods are picked at random on each cycle, but no god will show up multiple times in a row.

Each god does a different thing, their different power is:

Apollo: In this one, Apollo will mark certain symbols, like bow and arrow symbols and at the end of his cycle he will turn all the mark spots into wilds.

Aphrodite: each Aphrodite leaf symbol that heats the reel and is marked, the marked spots at the end of the spin will be turned into mystery boxes, and all marked spots will turn into the same non-wild symbol. 

Poseidon: Poseidon or trident symbol that lands on the real will add to a counter by one, at the end of the cycle your reward will be respins equal to the counter. 

Hades: This one will be one you’ll want, each hade or Cerberus symbol that hits your reel, will go into a multiplier counter, at the end of your cycle if you get a win on the last spin of the cycle the multiplier will apply to it and you will be rewarded. 

Zeus: this one is the big one and acts as the free spin, and wild. If you get Zeus and the other gods on the reel you will be rewarded with 10 free spins! Zeus also takes the powers of the other gods, so he can boost their bonuses for you! 

With all that was said about the feature of this slot, you should also know it's really beautiful, which you’d expect from its provider, go exploit what there is to do and get in this amazing slot today at Scatters! 

Position #2 - Book of Helios Online Slot | Play now

Book of Helios Best Betsoft slots for real money

The book of Helios, an old book, that is told holds many old secrets of magical properties that old kings use to use to grow in power and wealth, fight off their guardian and the dangers of the temple it sleeps in, and claims it as your own to achieve the price you seek.

 For you to make your big earnings you need to know the basics. This slot has an RTP of 95.58, 10 pay lines, 5 reels you can play on, and a max payout of 20x your stake so definitely something you can enjoy winning on.

Game features

Free spins will trigger once 3 book symbols land on the reel, and you will be rewarded with 10 free spins, and a random symbol will be picked for you and will act as the expanding symbol and as a bonus, the book symbol also expands too! 

This slot also has a cool little bonus buy feature if you pay 65.50x your stake you will get to active the bonus buy feature and trigger your free spins.

This slot doesn’t have a lot of features but easily makes up for it with its very useful and generous expanding slot feature and amazing graphics. Try it today on one of the best gambling sites out there, Scatters! 

Position #3 - Take Santa’s Shop Online Slots | Play now

Take Santa Shop Best Betsoft slots for real money

Santa hordes all the parents for himself each Christmas, and he thinks he can just keep them, but on these jolly times you’ll show him he needs to share, and you can do that by sneaking into his jolly home and taking all his presents, you’ll need to be smart and fast though, many have tried and failed.

So, what do you need to know about this slot, It has a base RTP of 96.08% with a payline of 75, and is played on a 5x4 play reel. Sadly no progressive jackpot, but a huge max win of 359x your stake!

Game features 

Let’s talk about the most basic and interesting feature you can access right out the gate, the bonus buy option, which will let you pick out of 3 options, each having a different number of wild bombs, you can pick from 5, 6 or 10 bombs, the more you get the more expensive it is. 

  • 5 bombs will cost you 27x of your stake
  • 7 bombs will cost you 50x your stake
  • 10 bombs will cost you 95x your stake


A good segue from bonus buys is free spins, if you can get 3 scatter symbols you’ll be rewarded with a hefty 15 free spins, which most slots give 5 or 10. This will be a great way of getting your big win with some luck!

The big feature in this slot is Ornament bombs and the counter it comes along with. This counter will count from 10 to 0, each time a robber symbol lands on the reel it will mark a spot, at 0 these marked spots will turn into wilds and possibly give you a huge WIN! 

Play this jolly full-themed slot today at Scatters and find out what it has to offer to you! 

Position #4 - Take the Kingdom Online Slot | Play now

Take The Kingdom best betsoft slots for real money

This slot is something else, a knight-themed slot that has a very realistic dragon that interacts with the reel. Take on the most dangerous beast of the old age and claim the horde of gold it guards.

Some stuff you should know about this slot is, that it has a wapping 100 paylines, very rare for some slots, it’s played on a standard 5x5 play reel, and has a standard RTP of 96.53%, now lets talk features 

Game features

This slot like the last has a spin cycle, which starts from 7 to 0, different spots of the reel will be marked, the ones that are when 0 is reached will turn into wilds and you will be rewarded. 

Like most free spins this one is triggered by getting 3 or more scatters, you will be rewarded around 6, 9, or 12 free spins, each free spin amount has a different location! And as a bonus, this slot has a bonus buy, which lets you for a high price trigger free spins. 

Find out everything else this slot has to offer you while playing it on Scatters, it truly is visually beautiful and very well made in looks, features, and animations. 

Position #5 - Alkemor’s Elements Online Slot | Play now

Alkemors elements best betsoft slots for real money

Let's talk about alchemy, you will learn from the best teacher out there Alkemor, a master of elements with untold riches and relics for you to use to aid you in mastering the craft and creating your dreams desires.

The always important basic you should know is that this slot is played on a 5x4 play reel, and has a basic 95.45% RTP and 20 paylines. Let’s talk about features 

Game features

This slot will offer you a bonus buy option if you’d like to use it for a high price that is baked off your stake, but you get to use free spins, which if lucky could win you what you spent and a lot more! 

For free spins without paying you’ll need 3, 4, or 5 golden keys, and these keys will reward 8, 10, or 12 free spins, based on whichever one you get. You could win the jackpot of 1,200x your stake with these types of features, so don’t miss out and get to playing.

Find out everything else this slot has to offer on Scatters today! 


We hope with this long list of video slots, you’ll be able to get a taste of the amazing things Betsoft has to offer you, and you can experience one of the best casino sites out there, Scatters! 

Betsoft offers fun and interesting-looking bonus games, and top-of-the-line visuals that are not seen anywhere else in iGaming, and overall has some of the most fun online slot machines, you should get to play today.

Go enjoy online gambling, and check for any bonus offers currently on Scatters to make that mega moolah and give you a better chance to win! You can play everything on whatever platform you prefer, like mobile devices or your computer and tablet. Betsoft has a lot to offer, but with this list, you’ll get a nice little taste of some of their best. 

Betsoft Casino Games Frequently Asked Questions

Is Betsoft a trusted provider?

Seeing how this provider has been around for about 2 decades and is one of the biggest names in iGaming, we would say they are a brand you can feel safe playing their slots, and if you are ever worried or something happens, feel free to contact our great support team to help fix any problems you might have. 

Scatters the best place for online casino gaming!

How do I find more Betsoft games on Scatters?

To do this, please go to, find the 3 lines on the top left, click on Casino and once you are there, go to the far right, and you should see the “provider” filter option. Click any provider you want or more than one provider, and you will only see slots by that provider. 

Scatters give you the best tools for playing real money slots easily!

Payment options? 

Scatters offers all the payment methods you could want, to find all of them you can go to, log in via the login option at the top right, and click on the deposit button and you will see all the options available to you.

We are sure you’ll find doing deposits and withdrawals easy at Scatters.

Who currently owns Betsoft?

The current owner of Betsoft is Mark McKeown, a master of sales who went up in the company to become its owner, with years on years of experience in sales he has led his company to huge success in iGaming and giving players an unmatched gaming exuberances 


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