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Best Casino Rewards - Free Spins & Bonus Money!


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Legacy of dead

Play'n GO


Book of the fallen



Book of Dead

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Jurassic Party

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Bigger Bass Bonanza



Best Casino Rewards - Free Spins & Bonus Money!

Scatters is a casino that tries to give the most to its players, offering a high-quality service, easy to understand and a clean website, with top-of-the-line support systems including almost any slot you can think of, with new slots added every single day, with was started by a group of people who have years and years in the iGaming space who have been apart of the top companies in the online casino world, who wanted to use their years of experience to make something fresh for their players.

What are the rewards? 

We have all colours of the rainbow over at scatters, whatever suits your fancy we have it, some examples of that are, Scatters freepots jackpot you can enter our progressive jackpot for free with a chance to win it, and we also have a loyalty program where you can get casino rewards like free spins and bonus rewards in the Scatters store that you can use on our online slots, video poker and any of our other online slot machine games that you can think of.

How it works 

Get casino bonuses today, in our easy-to-understand and free casino signup system, how does it work you may ask? It’s super easy! You just have to sign up and let us take care of the rest, signing up is just 2 easy steps, first register, and confirm your email, and you will be good to go! You can take part in exclusive scatters welcome quests, which gives you a waste of our daily quest system that you can use to earn a lot of prizes and that's not all! Earn our loyalty points, how you may ask? It couldn't be easier - all you have to do is just play our slots! The more you play, the more points you get. Playing slots will give you 1 point for every €1 you turnover, while other games will give you 1 point for every €5 turnover, easy right this is just some of the high-quality things you can expect from our online casino, where we offer many more casino offers that you will find the longer you stay with us!

How can I get the rewards?

So we told u what you can get, and the general idea of where, but what is the Scatters store? Well, it's where you exchange for loyalty points which for free spins obtained from the Scatters store are free of wagering requirements and must be played within 7 days of purchase, and bonus money 35x wagering requirement and must be wagered within 30 days.

For some extra rewards, you can get rewards from reloads, free spins, weekly offers via emails, VIP loyalty offers, and even cash gifts, so make sure to keep an eye out on Scatters for these goodies! 

Who benefits?

Benefits come in all shapes and forms at scatters, the player will be able to level up in a form of a status level system and as you earn loyalty points you will level up, so why miss this opportunity, you get rewarded for playing, you get free spins and bonus money and we get to help our players enjoy their time and make mega moolah in our casino it is a win-win! Because we try to offer the top online gambling experience to our players. from some of the best casino times, you will ever have to never-ending fun and excitement with quality is like non-other as, after all, we built it for you at Scatters today!

What “slots” are available for this offer?

Did you say slots, you’ll be happy to know it's not just slots, so if table games or live casino is your thing you are in luck! And that's not all if you liked that you’ll love this, not only can you use the bonus on live casino, but we have a scatters one that no one else is doing in the whole casino industry, don't take our word for it, login now and find out. 

 For our new players who are trying to figure out what games apply, it's all of them! And they can easily start playing with a boost if they claim the deposit bonuses in the welcome offer (read more here) and every 10 levels the value of the free spins and cash rewards gets bigger!

Top 5 Casino Reward Online Slots

Here is a list of just some of the top games you can level up on Scatters today that you like our many other players can play.

Legacy of the dead - #1

scatters casino rewards free spins legacy of dead

This simple yet great slot follows a lot of from book of the deads playbook but brings its own flair with themes, as for features it has a lot of the classics ones, like free spins, of course, and a gambling feature where you can pick between red and black and increase your earnings depending on if you win, you will lose your earnings if you pick the wrong one. Overall a good slot that has a lot of what you already like with a different package. 

Book of the fallen - #2 

scatters casino rewards free spins book of the fallen

From the super gains over at Pragmatic Play another great Egyptian-themed game with top-of-the-line quality, animations, graphics and everything else you’d want from a slot and expect from Pragmatic Play, including great features, it has 2 bonus buy features, one being super spin bet, which gives 10x your current bet if you match an expanding symbol and the other is 10 free spins where you can pick which simple will pay the most if they show up on the reel, another brewing normal scatters of course which like bonus buy lets you pick what expanding symbol will give the most rewards and the scatter symbol acts as a wild at the same time, which is very rare compared to most slots.

Enter the old lands of Egypt and search for the treasures that it holds, like many good things in life it will take time and work to get it, but if you are brave you will get your riches easily, but be careful to not fall under the enemies who will try to stop you from reaching your goals, we at Scatters can’t wait to see you leave for your adventure and reach your dreams!

Book of the Dead - #3 

scatters casino rewards free spins book of the dead

Book of the Dead, if you couldn’t tell already, we like this game and want you to try it out. Minimal needs to be said about this game, but you can also say everything. It is currently the big dog of the gaming world, loved and played by everyone and their grandma, and we at Scatters Love book of the Dead, too, and we suggest it to you.

Some basic information for you, It has five reels and three rows with ten pay lines, it has a mixed RTP from the lowest being 87.25% to the highest being 96.21%, and it follows an old Egyptian theme like many of the games the same name and theme that we have come to know and love from Play's GO.

Follow Rich Wilde on his adventure into a temple of danger and riches. As the story goes, it holds an ancient golden book, said to keep many secrets and riches. Explore with Rich today and find the mysteries and prizes of ancient Egypt today at Scatters 

It is easy to understand why this game became such a hit. It is very well-designed and has a lot of high-quality details and graphics. Combining that with the powerhouse of Play's GO. 

Jurassic party - #4

scatters casino rewards free spins jurassic party

This slot is something else, in features and gameplay alone, new features are rarely seen in slots and have amazing graphics. This slot is a 7x7 cluster reel which has a large assortment of features, so let's start with the classics, it has a Scatter feature which activates if there are 3 on the reel, and it has multiple Wild symbols with different ways means of seeing them, a bonus buy and mega bet feature, now to the big one, it has a combo free spin feature, where you can pick 1 of 3 items that randomly give a “boost” like turns symbols wild, make symbols expand, gives random wilds gets an extra free spin, symbol upgrade, an extra pick of boosts as you are limited to 3 at the start of the feature. This slot is a blast with a feature that brings a lot to wit that you never really see, so get on this Jurassic beach and go hang out with some dinos today at Scatters

Bigger Bass Bonanza - #5

scatters casino rewards free spins bigger bass bonanza

Another on-fire game by our seemingly always on-top friends at Pragmatic, Bigger Bass Bonanza, a continuation from another hit they had, Big bass bonanza. Still, this time it's even more significant, BIGGER, and the way they managed that is by adding the 4th row from the previous 3. It seems like a small change, but trust me, it adds a lot, but I’m sure you can find that out for yourself, by trying it out today at Scatters!

Giant Bass Bonanza has 5 Reels, as previously monitored by four rows and high volatility. Huge improvements were made from the older game, very notably in the graphics, which is always great to see, a company that comes out with something older but makes it feel very new and fresh. There is even a fun little bubble animation as the lines for the reels, and a friendly background city, which is much better than the old underwater theme the previous game had.

What is better than the open sea, calm water while you sit with a line in the water, ready to capture some fish? The news has been saying some pretty rare fish has been spotted recently around here, so maybe you’ll get something worth a nice sum of cash, but you’ll have to be patient and ready for that. Get to playing today with Scatters.


With this list of games and explanation, you are now fully informed on how our great reward system works, how you can get loyalty points, level up and where you can claim the rewards from the loyalty points, as a top casino we make our players a priority and give them the best experience possible, and with the tools, we are giving you the player your experience will be easily and heavily enhanced! Now enough reading and get to playing today at Scatters, you have your list of games, so head on out there and get some rewards!

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I do if I don’t get my rewards?

We have a great system that allows for easy, fast and smooth ways of getting you your rewards, but If for some reason you have a problem with getting some form of reward or bonus you can always contact our support team and they will work with you to help fix your problem! 

Are the rewards stated above for all players? 

All rewards listed above are available for Scatters players, some are exclusive to our VIPs which you can achieve by playing enough with us. All you have to do to be able to get all access to our rewards is just register with us, and play, as easy as that!

Are there ways to get more rewards?

Yes, if you play more and level up more you will get more loyalty points which will allow you to buy more bonuses for yourself, and overall depending on whatever crazy fun things are happening at scatters we might have some great events going on that will allow you to get crazy prizes for yourself.

How do I take part in the Scatters progressive jackpot?

That's very easy, you just have to opt-in via Unibo and the progressive jackpot applies to each game, so you will have a chance to win on any game you play on Scatters.


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