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Can you win real money on Scatter Slots?

One of the key things you can expect from most slots is that they will have a scatter feature and that if you can trigger it, it will massively help you win. Let's talk about why that is, and how it all works, for those who don’t know.

What are Scatter symbols and how they work

Scatters are symbols that show up in online slot games, and perform many different functions, but their main goal is making players a higher chance to win real money. In many of your online slot machines, the scatter symbol will be themed around the slot itself. 

In a lot of scatter slots, the music will change once the symbols trigger a feature, and even change the background sometimes. This was done even more with classic online games because you only needed 2 scatters to spark several bonus features in a machine game.

There is a conceptual model of scatter symbols, like that you’ll need at least 3 to trigger a bonus feature, and when this happens many players are in delight, the feature in itself is meant to help the player get a huge edge and something you should hope for when playing a real money slot.

Different types of scatter symbols

Cherry Scatters

These are the originators of the scatter symbol in gambling and online gambling, they are known as old-school scatters. These “Cherry” scatters are mainly in fruit-type slots, and function as you’d expect, when playing a classic slot, you’ll need 2 cherry scatters symbols to land anywhere on the reel, when this event takes place, you’ll get some form of bonus game, free spins or multiplier added for a limited time.

Classic Scatters 

Classic scatters are by far one of the most played forms of scatters in casino game slots. Players prefer this for many reasons, a big one being that scatters can become sticky wilds, meaning their chance of a high payout goes up quite a bit. Most casino site games like this have 5-reels or more, so keep a lookout.

Successive Scatters

This type of scatter is one that will require you to have all scatter symbols on the reel one after another. As an example, this scatter will need the symbols to show up on reels 1 to 3 to trigger different types of features in the game, you can find Scatter games like this ON Scatters casino site

Multiple Scatters

This one is a more rare type of scatter game, where different scatter symbols or wild scatter do different things in the game, and trigger different types of features, normally there will be a much higher paying symbol that while harder to get rewards much more

Bonus buy feature

A feature that has become a big part of online casinos is the addition of bonus buy, which for paying a sum of money that is affected by your bet amount, you can trigger a scatter feature or more, this feature is very helpful to those with the funds and the slots with bonus features tend to be one of the more popular.

Recommended slots with high performing scatter symbols

These are the three scatter slots we recommend you play if you are looking for a big payout when you get that big scatter hit!

#1 Hand of Anubis Online Slot

Hand of Anubis Slot Can you win real money on scatter slot

Hands of Anubis, is a very popular slot with many features players are looking for, for this list, it offers you 2 different scatter features, one triggering from 3 scatters landing and the other from 4, with the different, scatter requirements, bring different features.

Hands of Anubis also gives you a bonus buy feature for their 2 bonus games as well if you have a hard time triggering them. Try it now!

#2 Piggy Riches Megaways

Piggy Riches Megaways slot can you win real money at scatter slots

Piggy Riches Megaways, the Megaways versions of Piggy Riches, which was very well received by players when it came out, so Red Tiger gave the players more of what they love. 

To trigger Scatters on This slot you’ll need to get 3 pig scatters and you will be presented with a wheel that will determine how many spins you will get, you could get 20 whole free spins! A fun piggy-themed slot is available to you on Scatters today.

#3 Book of Dead Online Slot

book of dead slot can you win at scatter slot

Book of the dead, is the biggest slot around the world, and a pretty “simple” or “classic” type of slot at that. This slot mainly just has Scatter symbols, and if you land 3 or more you get rewarded with 10 free spins. Of course, if you get more you’ll be rewarded with a higher payout.

This slot doesn’t offer a bonus buy feature, but does offer quality, so head on over to one of the best online casinos out there and play now on Scatters!


Hopefully, this information helped you not only know what scatter symbols are and how they work but seeing how they are one of the biggest aspects in casinos it's a pretty important subject to be informed on. And we hope it gives you a bit of a clue of what slots to go for when picking your slots with scatter symbols.

Scatter Slots FAQs

What are the best Scatter slots?

There is no real best, just preference really, of what you prefer in theme, features and everything how much you have to spend. The ones listed above are good all-rounders. For more info about the best online slots with scatter you can read also this blog post.

How do I find more Scatter slots?

Head on over to Scatters and pretty much everything at the top slot on each slot category is a scatter slot! 

What do I do if I don’t get my correct earnings in a scatter win?

Feel free to contact support to help you with any problems you believe you have faced and they will try to help you as fast as possible.

Can I try scatter slots for free?

Yes, you can try free online slots via the demo option on Scatters, all you got to do is play logged out and that's how you play free games easily. Try a long list of free casino slots on Scatters today! But remember, playing with real money is always more interesting. 


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