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A New Live Casino Game | Scatters Review


Live casino, is a great way to enjoy your time without having to leave your home, you get the experience of a real casino without any of the hassles of going to one. You’ll be in the capable hands of professional live dealers and these services are hosted by the highest quality providers so you can expect a certain level of quality too.

Why Live Casino Gaming?

Let's answer the question you might be asking yourself, why should you be playing live casino instead of stuff like slots or table games? 

While slots and table games are amazing, you get a real-time gaming experience, the main benefit to these games is that the providers of these slots have made these games to give you a full gambling experience, even with a mouse-clicking atmosphere. 

These live games are taken in real-time with live dealers, they are done in special studios or outlets, at real casinos. The main aspect of the live game will always be in the name, so you always know what game you can expect in your genuine table games.

All Live Casino will be equipped with real decks, shuffle machines, card games or even roulette tables, etc. as the player you should easily be able to tell the atmosphere how real it feels. The speed you’ll see in dealing with any card or roulette games will feel like a land-based casino, so you’ll barely notice you aren’t in an in-person casino, and for that reason, many players value that level of quality.

Furthermore, Evolution and others have made studios that are quicker in playing techniques, for those players who want higher prices in their real money card games. You can easily notice them by name, like Speed Roulette.

Real-life dealer 

Those players who have spent time in a brick-and-mortar casino say that one of the big pluses they get out of them is the interactions that these places offer and make them want to go back. Real dealers are professional and competent, they are also friendly and able to converse. Not just a person someone who deals out cards or whatever the game may be.

Your live dealer should be able to transform the game into one where you feel like you are playing with a friend, these experiences are all possible if you start playing and participate in online casino gaming.

Real Communication

Many players who like playing online or in real casinos like the communication aspect of it, with live dealers to talk to and engage with. This is a great reason for casino players who play online games to play live casino games because many can’t find the time of the day to attend land-based casinos, with online you can play great blackjack games, live roulette and even live game shows, whatever you can think of online, with almost the same experience if not better,

The casino experience 

With everything you know, let's talk about the great slots Evolution Gaming and Pragmatic Play (the main hosts of live casinos) have to offer you the player. 

The New Live Casino Game: Monopoly Big Baller

monopoly big baller studio new live casino game

One of the newest additions to the live casino lineup is Monopoly Big Baller, the first Manoply live game did so well, that they decided to make a second one, with even more fun ways to play and a twist in themes from the classic Monopoly man theme to a Sailer One. 

This slot is a mix of mega ball and monopoly dreamcatcher, and one of the few game boards that use bonus rounds, as said before it has a sailer river boat theme and has the bingo style machine used as the main attraction and mechanic of the game. 

Let's talk about features and how you can get to win.

Game Features 

This slot is pretty much bingo, played on 4 bingo cards. You will be rewarded based on finishing lines on your bingo cards, and if you are wondering about payouts, it can range from 2x to 199x, this will depend on your bingo card.

You are allowed to play 2 bonus cards, with 3 rolls and 5 rolls, if you can complete any or both of these, you’ll be able to take part in a bonus round. 

Each of your cards will have 25 numbers in a 5x5 grid type format. Each round, the host will draw 20 balls from the bingo machine, which has 60 balls that are all numbered from 1 to 60.

You have 2 types of bingo cards:

  • A chance card that adds multipliers to the centre, as such completed lines that pass the centre will have an extra payout.
  • Your other option is the Free Space card. In the centre spot of your card, will have a free space that will help you complete the lines that are running in the centre.

Ok so this is the fun part, when the cards get their numbers, Mr Monopoly will start to randomly add multipliers and free spaces, which increases your chances of getting finished lines and giving you a higher payout.

Some extra information you should know about is:

  • You can pick the numbers and types of bingo cards between the chance and free space options.
  • You have 3 types of multipliers, one of them covers the whole of the card, and the other act as a line and number.
  • Your line multiplier can be around 50x 
  • The least you can get paid out is 2x on a line.
  • If you want to win 3 rolls, you will need 3 numbers.
  • If you want to win 5 rolls you will need 4 numbers.
  • You will be able to take part in 2 bonus founds if you manage to get 3 and 5 rolls at once.
  • Your RTP is 96.10% 


Final thoughts about this amazing live game

This slot isn’t only interesting but has a lot to offer in looks and just overall quality, you should try it out at Scatters today. The theme and overall cool gameplay will hook you in fast, and the professionalism and overall quality will keep you around.


With all this information, you now know why you should go over to Scatters and start playing Live casino games, these experiences will be given to you with the highest level of quality, so you can enjoy your time, but you don’t need to be told that, you can find that out yourself.

You can find many more live casino games offered at Scatters by going to, going to the casino and clicking on “Live Casino” this is just one of the great games available and is being highlighted for its quality and how new it is, but you can find many more that might be more your taste if this one isn’t! 

Live Casino Games FAQs 


How do I try this slot without paying?

This slot is very enticing and popular, but if you wanna see if it's the slot for you, you can easily try the demo version before you put in real money and start the true adventure. 

How do I deposit so I can play with real money?

Easily, please go to log in or register an account, once done with either of these things click on deposit, which you’ll be able to see a

What do I do if there is an error?

For any mistake or problem, you may face, you can contact customer support, to aid you in any problem you are having, our support team will do their best to fix any issue you may face and can contact them anytime and will try to fix your problem as fast as possible. 


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