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Scatters Casino Game Lobby - Top 5 online Slots & Table Games


Game Name



Roulette Live

Evolution Gaming


Eye of Cleopatra

Pragmatic Play


Hells Hogs

Reflex Gaming


Puebla Parade

Play'n GO


Valkyrie Splitz



Casino Games Lobby - Top 5 online slots & Table games

We have a lot of different slots on Scatters, so many we’ve almost lost count, for you to play of many different styles and features or mechanics, from slots and the many different variants of that that come, to table games and live games of the highest quality.

We have over 3 thousand slots for you to play, from the many different quality providers trusted thought the industry, and the game lobby is where you can find all of those games, we have many ways to filter on Scatters but sometimes you want to just see all of them and pick. You can filter in the lobby section by using the provider tab and see all games a certain provider/s has!

Online Slots Casino Games Lobby 

You can play slots easily, they are everywhere on our site, we have thousands of slots, from the top of the line to the newest kid on the block, for you to play.

Each slot has its features, quality, and theme that always brings something new for you to enjoy and play around with, there are an infinite number of slots available today on Scatters.

Live Casino on Games Lobby 

The live casino offers an interesting experience, similar to a real casino but in the comfort of your own home, each live casino game is managed with a large amount of quality for your viewing and playing experience. 

Why join

Why should you play today? That's a simple one for the fun of the game of course and the glory of winning. What could be better than playing these high-quality games with the chance of being so heavily rewarded?

We have a lot of games of many different styles so play to test your luck on all of them today. 

Events and the games in them?

We have a lot of different types of slots, and events you can play said slots on to earn big prizes.

We host things like daily quests, tournaments, and more where you can earn a large assortment of prizes, we always have something going on Scatters, and that will depend on what you plan to get on board! Scatters the best online casino games experience

Free Spins & Bonus Casino Rewards

What rewards can you get for playing, taking part in events, or taking the offers we give you? 

Well the biggest one is real money, free spins, some scatter merchandise and a deposit bonus

You should keep an eye out for every prize drop or event you get to and to see what is available to win and or how many are left. Online gaming on Scatters, is the best place to play.

Top 5 Best Casino Games on our Lobby

Here is a fun list of top games you can play on Scatters. Each is fun and full of quality and has interesting features for you to enjoy and discover while you play Scatters slot games today! The best place to play real money games.

Position #1 Valkyrie Splitz

Rise of the Valkyrie Best Casino Game Lobby June 2022

Valkyrie Splitz is one of our favourite games on Scatters, highly quality slot with nice little animations, features, and designs, and a lovely theme we don’t see too often in the gaming industry. We will be talking to you about this lovely slot today.

Position #2 Puebla Parade

Puebla Parade Best Casino Game Lobby June 2022

Put yourself into Mexico city in this fun little slot, with 2 lovely dancing partners in the beautiful city of Mexico. We will be talking about the visuals, fun features, and overall quality of the slot. Let us get into it.

Position #3 Hells Hogs

Hogs Slot Best Casino Game Lobby June 2022

Hells Hogs, get on the open road with the 3 Hog brothers and go on an adventure that isn’t as rare as a lifetime, but worth talking about the next weekend, just imagine it, you the 3 brothers an open road and the goal of making a hells amount of $$$ what could be more fun.

Position #4 Eye of Cleopatra

Eye of cleopatra Best Casino Game Lobby June 2022

Cleopatra a goddess in her own right, takes the throne of Egypt, Cleopatra is one of the greatest queens in the world and rules the people to make the biggest and richest kingdom in the world!

Position #5 Roulette

Roulette Best Casino Game Lobby June 2022

This table game is a classic-looking casino game where you can feel like playing a seemingly live table game with high-quality visuals and gameplay.

This Casino game is very similar to the classic live Roulette table in a land casino, but at Scatters, you can play it whenever you’d like in your own home, and you can tell its quality very clearly with a developer like Evolution gaming being behind it you can be sure it’s gonna be good.

This table game has a lot to offer, all you have to do is play it and find all that out. Play today!


That about sums things up, a nice list of games for you to enjoy and play on Scatters while earning big prizes. we currently have in place for you to enjoy, it's all very easy to use and take advantage of. 

All these slots can be easily in one place on Scatters, and that is the Lobby section, go out and play today.

Playing your favourite slot machines, never made easier by Scatters, with about any and all Payment methods available. We do this only for our players and their entertainment!

Play these free casino games today, and fun game! There are a handful of poker games, games such as blackjack, popular games including Valkyrie Split, and you can play safe and secure with us,


What are the best online games you can find in the Casino Games lobby?

That is a hard question to answer because it comes down to preference, but you can find out what is the most popular on Scatters by going to the casino and the popular section! 

What is the best casino game to play from our Casino Lobby?

This depends on what you prefer, but one of the more popular slots would very likely be your best and safest bet, or any of the games listed above!

How can I find a certain slot in this long list of games?

We have 3 solutions for this!

First can filter via the provider filter tool for certain provider games. The second option is, that pressing control + f will bring up your browser's word search and just type out the slot you want to play or a certain keyword. Finally, you can use the search bar at the top of and search your slot. 

Scatters offers a gaming service for fun and entertainment, that lets you play online, and it should always stay fun. Scatters follows all Malta Gaming Authority and any licensed and regulated rules in place. We always suggest responsible gambling! 

underage gambling is an offence and you will be banned if found doing it!


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