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Scatters Casino Rewards

Scatters Online Casino Rewards System

Every time you play at Scatters Online Casino you earn Scatters Loyalty Points which you can then exchange for Free Spins and Bonus Money Rewards at the Scatters Store.

Casino Rewards Free Spins & Bonus Money

By playing on Scatters you’ll be rewarded, how? Loyalty points are kind of like a loyalty program that gives nice prizes to enhance your slot experience. Let's show you some of the great casino rewards we have for you and with this information, you can hopefully make your mega moolah. 

Scatters Casino Rewards explained

Find below more detailed information about our casino rewards free spins & bonus money system.

What are Loyalty Points?

Scatter locality points are the currency our casino reward system is based on, and these points can be traded in for things like free spins, and Bonus Money Rewards in the Scatters Store. 

How to get Loyalty Points?

We have optimized this for you so you can just enjoy playing without any hassle. When you play casino games or any other casino game offered on Scatters, playing will give you points, slots will give 1 point for every €1 turnover, and other games will give 1 point for a €5 turnover.

Play more get more points!

When you bag all those points, you can exchange them for incredible rewards, like free spins and bonus money, which can help your chance of winning in whatever slot machines, table games, progressive jackpot, video poker, or any other casino games you can think of.

How to find the Scatters Store?

You can easily do this by going to, finding and interacting with the drop-down on the left-hand side of the site, and then clicking on the text that says Scatter Store, after that the store UI will open up for you and you can turn in or check your loyalty points.

What can you get out of the Scatters Store?

As you can probably guess, the Scatters store is the place where your loyalty points go and can be exchanged for either, free spins or chase bonuses. It’s straightforward to see how many loyalty points you have by visiting the store.

This can be done by going to, interacting with the drop-down, and clicking Scatter Store

  • Your free spins given to you by the Scatters store have no wagering requirements, but must be played 7 days after you have purchased them. 
  • The bonus money purchased from the store has a 35x wagering requirement, but a whole 30 days to wager it. 


How do I use the Scatters Store?

Before anything you need to make sure you log in to your casino account, which you can do by going to, clicking the login button and inputting your email and password. As easy as that.

When you go onto the Scatters store (which we explained how above) you will at the top have your balance of how many points you have, which will update for you each time you get more.

You have 2 tabs, one for Casino Reward Free Spins and the second one for Bonus Money.

Casino Rewards Free Spins

In the free spin section, you’ll have a list of 5 games to get free spins for, this list updates, but currently, it is:


There are a nice handful of different free spins you can buy for each of these slots, here are the options:

  • 5 free spins - 1500 points
  • 10 free spins - 3000 points
  • 25 free spins - 6500 points
  • 50 free spins - 12500 points
  • 100 free spins - 22000 points
  • 250 free spins - 45000 points 


Casino Rewards Bonus Money

The Bonus money section isn’t too different from the section of the free spin, it offers a different sum of money for a sum of points, the options are:

  • €10 bonus money - 12500 points
  • €20 bonus money - 20000 points
  • €50 bonus money - 47500 points
  • €75 bonus money - 70000 points
  • €150 bonus money - 125000 points


After you pick the reward and the amount you’d like to have, press the big buy button on the bottom left. (if you don’t have enough points the system will inform you.) That’s pretty much it, you now know how to use your loyalty points at one of the best online casinos with one of the best rewards programs out there.

Get to playing and earning

Ok so know that you know how to enhance your online gambling experience with our loyalty points system, and play casino classic and newer types of slots or money bonuses with the rewards you’ve worked for and earned.

We hope you’ll enjoy this amazing system we’ve set up for your enjoyment and to take advantage of. We are always doing whatever we can to bring you the player the best casino experience with as little to no hassle as possible.

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