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Daily Quests

Scatters Casino Daily Quests

Join our Daily Quests, every day between 00:00 and 23:59 CET. There will be a mix of Missions, Tournaments, Win Chases and more - so make sure to check out the different promotions throughout the week.

To join a promotion, simply open any of the games in the Daily Quests-category and opt-in from the promotions panel. Entry is of course free of charge. 

Promo Schedule

  • Monday: Biggest Win Tournament
  • Tuesday: Slot Missions - 200 Free Spins can be yours
  • Wednesday: Prize Drop
  • Thursday: Win Chase - a total of 145 Free Spins to be won
  • Friday: Slot Missions - 200 Free Spins can be yours
  • Saturday: Win Chase - Win up to 145 Free Spins
  • Sunday: Slot Missions - 185 Free Spins in the pot

All of our Daily Quests take place within the game window so you never have to leave the action.

Whenever you open a game that has a live promotion on it you’ll see a window to the left of the game (or above the game if you’re using a mobile in portrait mode).

Any winnings from the promotion will be added to your account instantly and automatically.


Scatters Casino Daily Promotions

A Mission contains a number of tasks, often between 2 and 4. The missions can take many forms - one example could be:

  • Get 3 wins in a row
  • Play 50 spins
  • Get a big win of 30x your bet

There are lots of mission types to test your luck against, and once a mission is completed you are instantly rewarded with the associated prize. 

Remember you can always find the full info from within the game widget.


Scatters Casino Daily Promotions

Compete against other players for your place on the prize leaderboard.

You'll always see your position and those around you as well as the leaders so you know what it's going to take to get up there.

Tournament rules and structure can be found within the in-game promotion area.

Prize Drops

Scatters Casino Daily Promotions

Prize Drops give you a chance to win a prize on every spin!

Bonuses, Cash, Free Spins, merchandise and other gifts are up for grabs!

Check each Prize Drop to see which prizes are available to win and how many are left.


Good luck!

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