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Big Bass Bonanza Slot | Scatters Slot Review

This is gonna be a good one, today we will be talking about the Big Bass Bonanza series, a popular fish-themed slot by Pragmatic play, the main focus will be the Big Bass Bonanza online slot by Pragmatic Play. 

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Big Fish Big Rewards

In these open seas, fish will be your treasures, the bigger the catch the bigger prize, do you have the skill and patience to get your prize, the only way you’ll find out is by trying and to do that you’ll need your cast, bait and all the important information needed to properly prepared.

Big Bass Bonanza Slot Scatters Review

Essential information

The play reel is set to 5x3, you’ll be playing on an RTP of 96.71, which is exceptionally high and a max win of 2,100x your stake mixed with high volatility, and the ability to bet €250 per spin and you have the making of a huge win on your hands.

The Deep Ocean I Slot Game Theme

The fish theme game of this slot is very important because, in many ways, Sig. Bass Bonanza is what made the fisherman trend in online casinos and not only became popular enough to make multiple additions to the series but made many other providers make their versions of it themselves.

Let's talk symbols and a bit of the theme you will be set in. when playing Big Bass Bonanza you are set on a lake fishing for the big game of the ocean, the bigger the fish the higher the prize, and your play reel background is set under the sea, with a nice natural feel with it, plus a nice little jaunty soundtrack.

Money Symbols

You’ll have brightly coloured A, Q, K, J, and 10 symbols acting as your lower-end symbols, as for the higher-end ones, a collection of angling-type symbols, in the order of value, you have fish, the tackle box, the dragonfly symbol, and the fishing road. The highest-paying symbol is the multi-coloured float symbol. If you manage to land 5 of those in 1 payline, you’ll be rewarded something equal to 200x your stake.

You also have a jolly fisherman acting as your wild symbol. He will appear on your reel on the bonus round only, and will as you’d expect substitute for all the symbols listed outside of the scatter symbol.

On the subject of Wilds and Scatter symbols let's talk features!

game rules Big Bass Bonanza Slot Scatters Review

The Fisherman's tools I Slot Game Features

Pragmatic Play has let things stay simple for you in this Bigger Bass Bonanza online slot, the only real feature of the slot is the free spin feature, it does though have other bonuses attached to it so don’t worry, it will be worth triggering.

Free Spins feature

You can trigger your free spin feature by the normal manner of getting 3, 4, or 5 fish scatter symbols, if you get more you can also get more spins like this:

  • 3 scatters = 10 free spins
  • 4 scatters = 15 free spins
  • 5 scatters = 20 free spins

As of now it's all been pretty normal. When your feature starts a friendly bearded fisherman will be helping you out by acting as your wild and substituting for all normal symbols and helping make you some winning combinations.

While playing you’ll notice that orange fish symbols all have a sort of cash value attached to them. Each time the wild lands the fisherman will collect the fish and the value attached. The way it works is the wild will grab the value of all the fish, for example, if one symbol is worth 5 euros and the other 3 euros the wild will collect 8 euros. A great feature.

The great benefit of this feature is if you can land 2 wilds in one of your free spin rounds it will stake and collect the prize 2 times, which if you can get a few higher-end fish symbols that would be an amazing win for you!

This fisherman wild has even more to offer than just collecting fish. Each Fish wild that lands on your reel will add to the meter above the reel, and if you can get at least 4 before the feature ends you retrigger the feature and will even get a higher multiplier!

Retrigger - Wilds Collected - Extra Spins - Multiplier

  • 1st 4 wilds 10 2x
  • 2nd 8 wilds 10 3x
  • 3rd 12 wilds 10 10x

If you want a 10x multiplier, you will have to get at least 12 fisherman symbols to land in your free spin session. For your free spins, you can in total collect 50 free spins. After you get the 3rd to retrigger that will be the last retriggered possible for that free spin session.


That will be the end of our post, this slot has a lot of ways to make huge wins, but one of the biggest benefits it has is that there are another whole 4 other versions for you to play, each with different features and other lovely qualities for you to enjoy. Go play the Big Bass Bonanza slot in our great online casino Scatters today!

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Big Bass Bonanza FAQs

What is the Big Bass Bonanza RTP?

The base RTP for Big Bass Bonanza is set to a rate of 96.71% which is decently above average. This slot has a lot of big wins to be had in the free spins section/

What is the Big Bass Bonanza max win?

The biggest win you can get from one spin in this slot is 2,100x your total stake. You’ll only be able to hit this via the free spin feature as it will be the only way to get the 10x multiplier the slot offers.

Are there any Big Bass Bonanza free spins?

Yes, there are, the highest amount of free spins you can get is 20 without the fisherman. If you’d like the chance to get 50 free spins and a 10x multiplier keep an eye out for the fisherman because if you get enough of that symbol in the free spin feature you will not regret it!

Is there a Big Bass Bonanza mobile slot?

Yes. this slot is available to play on all platforms such as smartphones, desktops, and tablets. The layout of the slot will still look great on whichever device or operating system you use.

Can I try this slot for free?

Yes, you can try the demo mode of this slot machine easily by going to Scatters and searching for your slot by not being logged in that way you will be able to play for free, but if you wish to play for real money you’ll need to be logged in.


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