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Top 5 Free Halloween online slots 2022

The season of spooks and shocks is here, the time to dress up as your favourite spooky ghost, ghoul, or what have you, and as we say this, it is also the time of the year when some of the best Halloween Slots come out, let's talk about them!

What can you get out of quality Halloween online slots?

Would you like a trick or a treat? Well if you play this fun-to-play, Halloween slot machines game you’ll get a treat, in the form of real money, possibly a lot if you win big in a session, in one of the fantastic games we have in store for you.

Take part in the Halloween-themed slots fun on Scatters, the best place for any fun celebrations you can think of. 

Top 5 free Halloween online slots | October 2022

Position #5 - Lucky Halloween Online Slot | RTP 91.14%

lucky halloween slot top 5 halloween online slots 2022

The Hallowed day is here, on one night only you can enter the land of jack the pumpkin king, Jack challenges you to win his treasure, he’s even offering to help you out in this game, all you gotta do is accept the challenge, be careful though, he hasn’t told you what will happen if you lose.

This slot is played on a 5x3 reel, with loads of bonus symbols, wild symbols, and bonus games, a great jackpot, this blast from the past by Red Tiger holds up to today's standards in graphics and features

Position #4 - Halloween Online Slot | RTP 96.01% 

/Halloween slot top 5 halloween online slots 2022

Halloween, a slot based on the notorious 1978 horror film, you guessed it, Halloween, a classic horror slot, with the symbols taken from the memorable characters of the film itself, and features like the spooky wheel bonus feature that rewards you in cash prizes before starting a free spin bonus. 

if you are a fan of the film or horror itself you’ll get something out of this slot. Explore this classic today and find all its secrets you’ve yet to read about with Scatters.

Position #3 - Halloween Horrors Online Slot | RTP 96.26%

Halloween Horrors slot top 5 halloween online slots 2022

A Cartoonish style slot, with a surprising amount of detail, when it comes to animations for a slot like this, you’ll be playing on a full moon surrounded by an ominous graveyard, and at your disposal is a 5x3 play reel, some luck, and your own effort 

This slot offers you free spins by getting 3 or more skull scatters, keek a look out for the headstone symbol which is only in play during the free spin feature, and get out there and face the creatures that go bump in the night on Scatters today! 

Position #2 - Halloween Jack Online Slot | RTP 96.28%

Halloween jack slot top 5 halloween online slots 2022

Halloween Jack will really put you in the mood of Halloween, the level of detail to the background, slots, animations of the symbols, everything really, NetEnt really outdid themselves with this one. 

Free spins are triggered by getting 3 or more chest symbols and you will be rewarded with 10 whole free spins. There are your classical wild symbols that replace any symbol on the reel outside of the scatter and special features that happen while in the free spin round, go out there and tell that Jack fella who’s boss this Halloween.

Position #1 - Happy Halloween Online Slot | RTP 96.50%

Happy halloween slot top 5 halloween online slots 2022

Play’n GO really don’t hold back for their holiday-themed slots, while not the spookiest, it definitely has the highest quality, amazing themed symbols cover the really with differing colours, and a great interface that actually matches the reel, normally providers just have the same UI for each slot.

You’ll be playing on a 5x5 reel, to get your 10 free spins you’ll need 3 witch scatters, you have a jackpot of 1,000x your bet and 50 whole paylines, and you can’t have a Play’n GO game without the gamble feature. We are sure you’ll fall in love with this slot as we did! 


We hope you’ve enjoyed this spooky celebration on Scatters online casino, with some of the scariest Halloween slots in iGaming, while the list above should keep you busy all of hallows eve, there are many a spooky slot, go find them on Scatters if you need more scare in your life. 


Halloween Online Slots FAQs

Is Scatters hosting a Halloween tournament? 

Yes, at Scatters we love hosting amazing tournaments giving our players a chance to win amazing cash prizes, you can find the post about it here.

Are there more Halloween slots on Scatters?

Yes, of course, any slot scarry themed or otherwise can be easily found on, use the search bar for any keywords you might have in mind, or go to the casino section and scroll till you find the right game for you.

Which is the best Halloween online slot?

It all comes down to preference really, but we’d really suggest Happy Halloween, it's made by a great provider, has the highest RTP and amazing graphics, and an all-around great slot. 


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