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Scatters Casino Bonus Buy: Top 5 Online Slots of the month


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Candy Wild Bonanza



5 Pots O Riches



Chilli Picante Megaways



Bananaz 10K Ways



The Nemean Lion



Scatters Casino Bonus Buy: Top 5 Online Slots of the month

Let's talk and get into the topic of bonus buy, an interesting feature that many of our players enjoy and use on a daily basis and something we are sure you love as well. After we talk to you about this great feature we also give you a lovely list of slots for you to enjoy and play! Always giving out the best to our players at Scatters.

What are bonus buys?

Bonus buys, what are they, how they work, and why to get them, these are questions you have and we plan to answer, in this post and give you a few bonus buy option slots for you to try out!

The best part of every session of spins has to be the bonus rounds. The usual way of triggering a scatters round/free spins/bonus round is by playing and waiting for 3 or more scatter symbols to show up on the reel. But as in new-age online slots, an increasing number of slot games give you the option to make that rare bonus round to be a bit more familiar with some extra spending! 

Scatters players are spoiled with the vast number of options they have; they want to be shown and try crazy new features and want to use them quickly. 

For many waiting is a challenge that can take some fun out of your day, and having a shortcut for those who are ok with it seems like an excellent recourse for these players.

Is bonus buy rare? 

The inclusion of this feature is a significant milestone in the evolution of slots and has changed the whole landscape of the gambling space. Today a large portion of new slots offer the bonus buy feature. Our players enjoy this feature, and the creators of the fantastic slots we host are more than happy to satisfy the ever-growing demand for these types of slots.

Best 5 bonus buy online slots of the month.

Here are some great slots with bonus buy features. These are currently the top slots with these features on Scatters.

#5 Candy wild Bonanza 


For a developer of this size, Candy Wild bonanza is an outstanding slot, played in many different online casinos. This slot came out early this year on 28.04.22, offering popular features and beautiful graphics. You can play this slot on Scatters today, the best place to play online slots!

If we look at the slots matric to see if it is a good fit for you is always important. Candy Wild Bonanza offers up 95.73% RTP with high volatility and a high x20000 win chance.

With decently balanced mathematics and chances of considerable spins. This slot is always exciting. It offers up a highly enjoyable slot experience.

Candy Wild Bonanza targets a player base that enjoys the gameplay. It has some basic and some creative elements to it. 

If by some unlikely chance, some features don’t activate, the base game alone will keep you entertained and give out wild rewards! But once wilds, scatter or any of the other great features the slot has, things go to another level! 

Candy Wild Bonanza - this slot has many cascading wins played on a 6x6 play reel. All the focus in the Candy Wild Bonanza slot is given to the hold and spin round. Which actives when the scatter comes up on the reel, or if you want, you can make it much easier by buying it! With the great and fast feature buy slot on this slot to bring up your win potential to give you big wins.

#4 5 Pots O Riches Online Slot


For a dev time who is of this size, Blueprint gaming is making hit after hit in quality slots. The slot we will be talking about is 5 Pots O’Riches. 

This slot came out with a lovely list of exciting features and gameplay and the next level of graphics. You can play this great slot by logging into Scatters and playing. It is easy and simple to do.

Check out the information we have for you on this post to help you perfectly decide if it's the slot for you. This slot offers an RTP of 95.5% an overall average risk level, which for many people is good because many don't like slots that are highly volatile. And an x50000 hit potential. It's a decently even game. 

Pretty interesting slot with a lot of fun to be had for most if not all our players, especially for leprechaun fans. It gives a lot of fun and exciting gameplay with fun animations and a lovely theme.

This casino game gives you allows players to get big wins while enjoying great gameplay. It has a bonus game feature where you can increase your chances, a form of bonus buy. It also has wilds and scatters and if you land any of those or a winning combination things really go crazy.

So go get to enjoying this Irish-themed slot machine and get your maximum win today! And if you want more slots like this you can find much more bonus buy slots on scatters! And the scatter casino bonus and or offers to help you play 5 Pots O Riches better and more efficiently!

#3 Chilli Picante Megaways Online Slot


Hope on for some Chilli Chilli, coming straight to your table and computer, piping red hot and spicy. This fantastic slot and series is brought to you by our friends at Blueprint Gaming. Chilli Picante Megaways, this isn’t just some next-level Mexican Chilli, but a combination and tribute to many other slots from various other studios in the field of online slots. 

It takes inspiration from many of the other brands to make their own fiery hit and takes influence not only in visuals but in some features from already proven hits. They also add their own experiences and ideas into this slot to make it a smash hit. LET'S GET INTO THE SLOT.


Some lovely features this slot has are a nicely made Scatters symbol in the shape of a golden paper that needs to show up 3 times on the reel, a lovely wild symbol of a dancing man with maracas. It has a bonus buy feature too which is excellent for people who aren’t in the mood to wait, when the scatter of bonus buy triggers you can easily play and start winning, 

it has a megaways system where the more of a particular symbol is on a reel 9 being the highest, the more significant your prize, so if you get 9 of the blue hot chilli papers you will be greatly rewarded. 

As a fun twist while free spin mode, anytime the wild symbol comes up it will “charge” a bar at the top of the reel if you get 4 of them throughout the 10 free spins you get another 10 free spins and that carries on for another 2 times through the session which will allow you big prizes, and with these extra free spins you get a random set of blue hot chilli paper, it could be 9, 

So don't miss out on playing this fantastic slot and earning a high amount of rewards on Scatters today!

#2 Bananaz 10k Ways Online Slot


Bananaz 10k Ways is a highly promising slot that's doing a bit of everything right. It does well in graphics, sound design, the features it includes, the way it goes about in visuals and a lovely theme that goes along with it. We will hit each of these points for you and give you all the information you need to play this bananaz of a game!


It's a cute little game, the lower-paying symbols have a very fortesty-themed style which looks like wooden carved symbols and interesting and tropical and colourful fruits from around the world.

The higher-paying symbols are cool wild animals with a very vibrant glow and high detail, the animals in question are a large and seemingly happy elephant, a golly-looking toucan and a sneaky, mad-looking snake. The special symbols which active features would have to be the glowing animated Scatters symbol which is a banana and the wild which is an overly happy monkey holding some bananas 


This slot has many amazing features that will suit many of the needs most will have. T

his slot has cascades where each winning combo pops off the grid, 

the bonus respins rounds works like this when 4 or more bananas are triggered, the symbols in question turn into the banana symbols which show a 1-1,1000x and 3 spins as the reward. When this round is active only monkey mike symbols or banana symbols hit

A gamble feature is also in place which is rare to see, that once you are done with your free spin round you get a little gamble or collect feature where you can risk or collect your earnings during the free spin round.

And finally, it has a great bonus buy feature which is always lovely to see, that can help speed up the fun!

#1 Let it Slide Online Slot


This slot has you in a frozen forest face against alone surrounded by snow and froes, you are tasked with making it out with the treasure you have found. But you must be careful of the wild animals that live in this forest, each has its own danger and they seem a bit hungry and hostile. 

This slot has cool-looking symbols with a fun wooden carved theme, cool little features and a fresh-looking scatter that I’m sure is to bring you a fresh new experience and a fantastic bonus buy feature. So let's get into it!


This slot is made with a lot of care, from the lovely carved themed slots, the lower-paying ones looking like regular casino symbols that were covered onto tree stumps and the higher-paying ones being nicely designed symbols that look like different animals you’d find in the forest theme it has going for itself. It has a nice little animation of wind and snow when the slot hits, indeed a lovely little addition.


Wild symbols, this slot when wilds show up on the slot it brings up the chances for a hit by substituting other symbols on the reel. 

Sliding Wild, this replaces other symbols only while in let it slide mode, it gives a 1x multiplier which is always nice to have, at the start, but if 2 sliding wilds overlay the same position the multiplier will be added together during the respin.

Sticky wild will also substitute for other symbols and if a sliding wild passes an ice frame the sticky wild will be put into an iceframe!

The classic scatter with a twist if you get 2 fully stacked wild symbols you trigger a free spin.

Bonus buy, this slot luckily has the outstanding feature of bonus buy where you can easily use it to experience some of the many features in the slot if things start out slow, this slot has a lot to offer but it comes with a lot of quality as well. Play today with us at Scatters.


So we explained what the Bonus buy feature is, how and why you would need it, and even gave you a nice little list of great slots currently in Scatters you can play today. What else do you need? Well, we have an excellent little faq of some of the most common questions, what else could be required? Oh ya, you play.

 So head on out and get to playing why don't you. You have a lovely list of games that updates every month, why not use it, and if those don't suit your fancy (which I’d be shocked about) you can find the long list of games on we currently host with the bonus buy feature on scatters today!


FAQs about Bonus Buy Feature

How do I buy a bonus buy?

Pretty simple. Make a deposit or use your earnings to pay for whatever the bonus buy cost is, which will always depend on your bet amount. 

Do I need bonus buys?

It’s a nice little feature in a slot but no, you don’t need it. You can always play it the old fashion way and wait till the scatter symbols or any other feature it lets you pay for comes on. But it will boost your fun much faster if you use bonus buy, so it's all up to you.

Do I need a bonus buy to win?

No, while yes they really help and bring the fun up much faster, you do not need a bonus buy feature to win the slots, all slots on Scatters are legit and let you win the normal way.


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Remember responsible gaming is always important, and you should play safe, and just have fun. You should read malta gaming authority for more information on these matters.

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