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5 Fantastic Live Casino Games by Evolution


A powerful and trusted brand in the casino world and a Goliath in the live casino section, Evolution Gaming. In this post, we’ll tell you a bit about this great provider and give you a nice list of Live Casino Games offered by Evolution so you know what's hot and trending in the live casino world! 

Evolution Gaming

Evolution Gaming is for sure one of the leading online casino software providers out there in the casino world right now, even more, if you talk about live casino, seeing how much evolution specializes in the production of live dealer games.

Evolution is one of the world's biggest live game providers, their titles have offered players a myriad of online casino experiences. Unlike many other providers, this brand decided to grow in the industry with an online casino, instead of the much safer and done way of making a lineup of table games and slots. This brand is focused on the making of high-quality things for the player's enjoyment, which is always great to see!

Evolution gaming Goals

The main goal of Evolution is to give you as close to live experience as possible in an online space. With these games, the players are put into the very heart of the gaming world, while being given a high-quality video stream that allows them to relax at home or anywhere where they have a connection and a mobile or tablet device. 

With everything they offer, all the players get to have a Las Vegas like experience without having to leave their homes.

Gaming Experience

The game experience is something else, you get an authentic experience that instead of having an RNG-based experience, you have live human dealers, which give the top-of-the-line action with real cards, a real roulette money wheel, and much more available to you via real-time play, which uses some of the latest live streaming channels for your leisure.

There aren’t many award-winning providers that solely focus on the making of live casino games, and out of that few, Evolution is honestly at the top. A lot of people believe that brand is one of the big reasons live casino is as popular as it is today! 

A bit of history about the company

From the start of 2006, this brand has kept pushing more and more boundaries in the iGaming world, when it comes to gaming, quality, and live streaming. While not being the only provider in the streaming space, they are showing the other ones in the space how to do things, and providing a professional and much more interesting experience, with engaging features and themes.

The live casino world got a big boost from advancing technology in terms of the software and hardware side. Since Evolution got in the picture, they’ve changed the live casino game. Back in the day, it was much more primitive and simple compared to our standards today. In 2007, they signed several big clients including some of the hugest online casinos and by 2009 they had some of the most popular and successful games that year. 

After their major hit, Evolution Gaming went on to expand its business by making its Riga and Latvia studios. Evolution also did a full overhaul on their facility and upgraded it to properly reflect their art and technologies. After these events, the company grew more and more and took steps to grow its reputation more in the iGaming space. For these reasons, there aren’t many reasons to wonder why Evolution has titles with a wide range of differences in casinos worldwide!

Let's talk about the best Live Casino games available at Scatters Casino

Ok, so now you know why this provider is so big, now let's tell you what games they have to offer you to enjoy, these games were picked out of their quality and popularity!

These are some of the best games Evolution has to offer for you, so let's get to talking about them, and after you can get to enjoy them! 

Gonzos Treasure Hunt Live Game | Try it now

Gonzos treasure hunt 5 fantastic live casino games by evolution gaming

Get the live game show experience, with Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt Live, this Live casino game is an entertainment show and one of the first partnerships with their slot developer, NetEnt.

With the help of Gonzo’s Quest story, Evolution has made a very complete game show and hybrid live Dealer/RNG slots game which is pretty rare in the Live Casino space. A fun little fact is that it’s one of the first live dealer games that let you play it with a Virtual Reality headset, it will put you right in the action and a next-level immersive experience.

How to play?

This game show is split into four segments:

  1. Betting time, when you place your bet.
  2. Treasure hunt is when you pick a stone to hunt for the treasure on the wall
  3. Prize Drops - Bonuses prizes or even Multipliers will be added to stones. You can get a re-drop (up to 10), which gets you another prize drop, topping up the prizes you see on the wall.
  4. The Big Reveal, all the stones and their connected prizes will be relieved to the players and matched to bets from the start, if you get a match, you’ve won!



This is just a fraction of what this game has to offer, find out more on Scatters.

Monopoly Big Baller Live Game | Try it now

Monopoly Big Baller 5 fantastic live casino games by evolution gaming

Monopoly Big Baller is a new spin on Monopoly Live and is a bingo-style live game show. This game show was bound to be a hit seeing how it's a part of the massively famous monopoly series of live casino games. It has a cute little riverboat theme and a bingo-styled machine that is the main part of the game.

How to play?

A bit of information you need to know before playing. 

You’ll start with xx seconds of the betting time. You should fire decide on how many of the bingo cards you’d like to play and if you’d like to use a bonus round card or not. You do have the option to mix mixtures of chance and free spade cards. Once that is done pick the bet amount and click on whatever spot you want to play.


There is much more to find out about this game, you can either go to our dedicated post about this game or find more while playing on Scatters!

Crazy Time Live Game | Try it now


Crazy Time, is a wildly popular live casino game with a dream catcher-inspired wheel with a total of 54 segments. You’ll have money prizes ranging from 1x to a whole 10x on the wheel, and four individual bonus rounds: Coin, Flip, Cash Hunt, Pachinko and Crazy Time.

This game has lived up to its hype, not many live games offer such variety and just overall fun gameplay, some people have even called it “Monopoly Dream Catcher on steroids”, now that's a title worth trying.

How to play?

The main part of the game is the wheel. Your presenter will start each new game round by spinning the wheel. 

The result of each spin will either be a number 0 one, two, five or ten, or one of the given bonus rounds. 

  • Coin Flip
  • Cash Hunt
  • Pachinko 
  • Crazy Time



You could also get multipliers and more by playing this live game there is a lot to find and discover, and you can do all that in Scatters, which we’d suggest because this game is full of content and fun!

Live Blackjack Table Game | Try it now

Live Blackjack 5 fantastic live casino games by evolution gaming

This is hands down one of the most popular blackjack games out there and as close to an industry standard as it gets in a Live casino. This live game wins in quality, fun and features. It follows normal blackjack rules and has a live dealer of course for the best experience. 

You with a perfect type of strategy and no sort of side bets could get an RTP of 99.29%! 

How to play Blackjack?

You will first pick a coin value and make a bet before your timer is up. You will only be able to make a wager on side bets if you make the main bet first. Once done wagering if you still have time left you can press deal now.

Each player will get 2 cards, and the option to hit, stand, double down or split. Note that splitting can only be done if you have a pair in your starting 2 cards. 

You can double down any initial 2 cards. If you want to split and double, you’ll have to make an extra wager to play them. If you split an ace, you will be given only 1 card.

When you’ve picked your hand, the round will continue. Your dealer will start to reveal their face-down card and keep on drawing if they are under 17. If you or the dealer go above 21, they will automatically lose the round. This only affects you and the dealer, others won’t be influenced.


This and much more on Scatters, find out everything else this full hitter has to offer you today.

Lightning Roulette Table Game | Try it now

Lightning Roulette 5 fantastic live casino games by evolution gaming

An electrifying Live casino game, that is massively popular and has even been heavily showcased on many popular streamers and YouTubers channels which have given it a lot more coverage. 

How to play?

This game follows many of the set roulette rules and follows the European style with 37 pockets. The 0 is green, and the 1 to 36 are evenly split between red and black pockets. You’ll have a very cool interface to use for your benefit, this game has many more features and cool effects that you can find.

Something you’ll definitely want to keep an eye out for is the multipliers that go up to 500x if you are really lucky!


There is a lot of stuff this casino game has to offer and very interesting with so much to find that we wanna keep a secret for you to enjoy. ;)


With this amazing provider, you have everything at your fingertips, from monopoly live, live baccarat, or even game shows with much more to be found, with everything you now know and with these amazing games highlighted for you, there should be nothing stopping you from getting the most out of your live casino and evolution gaming experience.

Scatters even offers amazing live casino tournaments, where you the player can go head to head with other live casino players for amazing prizes offered to you by Scatters, and it's super simple, just play your favourite live casino game and start earning points (3 euro minimum bet) and rise to the top of the leaderboard, and don’t worry if you aren’t at the top, because there are 60 amazing prizes to be won, so you can get something! 

Ok with everything out of the way, you can now get to playing over at Scatters, which gives you all the tools and luxuries you deserve as a player loyal to us!

Always play responsible and for fun, Scatters follows all MGA (Malta Gaming Authority) rules and regulations and you should as well, follow up on our terms for more information. 


Live Casino by Evolution Gaming FAQs


How do I find more Evolution games?

Simple, please go over to, click the 3 little lines at the top left of the page, and click on live casino, once in the games section you can find the filter option on the far right, once clicked find the provider you want and boom, you are done and will only see games from said provider or providers! 

Does Evolution Gaming make slot games?

The answer to this is sadly no, but that’s because they focus their resources on making the best live gaming experience possible, we are sure that if they put the same effort into making slots they would be as unique as their live casino games, which we are very grateful they are making with their level of quality showing other providers what quality they should try to reach!

Who currently owns Evolution Gaming? 

The current owner of Evolution gaming and the one leading this great brand to its massive success is Jens von Bahr, who has been the owner and founder since its start in 2006, he is also CEO of many other companies and overall leads his brands well!

Do I need an account to live casino?

Yes, you must be logged in to try the live casino, unlike the many slot games that at least let you try them out via a demo, these games are being done live and you need to have an account made and logged into to play and take part in the experience. 

Can I try a live casino via a demo?

No, these games are being held live, so you must be logged in and have funds on your account to take part in them. But you can always find out about the live game you’d like to play via this post above or youtube or whatever else have you before you try and play it with funds, or even just be an observer during a live game and see if it suits your tastes.

Are Evolution live games legit?

Evolution in the live gaming space is what other brands strive to be like, and are heavily strict with rules and follows the highest standards, so you can be sure to get a real and fair experience, but if you believe a mistake or error was made contact Scatter support and they will resolve your problem! 

What to do if I believe a mistake was made?

While Scatters keeps a very quality ship errors happen, so if you ever believe one has happened or a slot or live casino game has for some reason had a bug of some sort that negatively affected you please contact our amazing support team and they will fix your problem in no time.


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