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5-Reel Slots | The Best To Play Online at Scatters Casino


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Queen of Gods



Book of Shadows



Wild Chapo



Slugger Time


Rock 'n' Lock




Some of the most popular slots in the world are 5 reel slots, and this post will give you a bit of information as to why that is and give you a nice list of 5 - reel slots to pick from our 4000+ Casino Games.

5-Reel slots on Scatters

As you can tell by the name, this is about 5 reel slots, which can have any number of rows, and once you spin you can get a winning combination. The amount of combinations is what is so amazing about 5 reel slots, the more reels in play will increase your chances of getting a win via paylines, which makes them way more lucrative. Plus the more reels in your slot the easier symbols and features, like free spins or bonus games, can activate.

New and old

Old-school classic fruit machines are a fan favourite for many people, but they were missing a lot of things, that make 5-reel slots so much fun. Most classic 3-reel slots have wild symbols or a scatter, some don’t even have any of that. With 5 reels you have a lot more options.

Options like stacking wilds, shifting wilds and more, like bonus rounds, mini-games, and Scatter symbols that trigger amazing bonus features. And one of the best parts about these games is you can play a free 5 reel slot before putting money into it, via the demo option!

The adventure awaits!

Once you’ve played 5 reel slots, you’ll know what it's like to travel through the many reel slot machine themes, meet the wild creatures in them and travel never seen before lands, all from your home or anywhere with the great integration with mobile devices. Not only will you experience a great online slot experience with 5 reel slots, but for newer players, your chances to win and understand will be much easier, the extra features alone will give you a big boost in your sessions.

Luckily for you, we have a lot of easy-to-play, fun and win video slot lineup at Scatters and a list of some of our top 5 reel slots below. Scatters the best online casino offering the best service to its players today!

The Best Five Reel Slots at Scatters Casino

Let's get into the games, after knowing how and why you should be playing these amazing 5 - reel slots.

#5 Queen of Gods Online Slot | Play now for free

Queen of gods 5 reel slots scatters casino

Queen of Gods, part of the popular Egyptian-themed slots, that the casino world can’t get enough of. Some important basics:

  • 10 Paylines
  •  A 1,839x stake max win
  • RTP of 96.36 


Game Features 

This slot has wilds that can stake and can become vertically stacked in any random spin

Free Spins with 3 Scatter Symbols 

 If you can get 3 scatter symbols you’ll be able to pick from these different options:

  • 15 free spins with no multiplier 
  • 11 free spins with a 2x multiplier
  • 8 free spins and a 3x multiplier 
  • A mystery amount of free spins and multipliers 


This slot is simple and to the point, a good casino game is waiting for you, go play it.

#4 Book of Shadows Online Slot | Play now for free

Book of Shadows 5 reel slots scatters casino

This one is an interesting, spooky black magic-themed slot with 10 base paylines but you have the option to have 20 in total this feature lets you interact with the reel and open up more than 5 rows of the reel for a prize based on your bet amount.

Some basics you should know about this slot are:

  • A max win of 30,338x your stake
  • RTP of 96.01 or 96.19 based on if you unlock the reels
  • Very High volatility 


Game Features

The book symbol plays the role of the Wild and Scatter. When you land 3 book symbols, you get rewarded with 14 free spins, the more rows the fewer spins but more paylines. And you’ll also get a random expanding symbol that should help you get that big win!

Each win you’ll have the position to gamble or keep, gambling will give you the chance of winning a lot more, but if you lose, you’ll also lose your earnings.

This slot also has a bonus buy feature, which can help you a chance at that big win you are looking for. 

#3 Wild Chapo Online Slot | Play now for free

Wild Chapo 5 reel slots scatters casino

Play as a wild old-time Chapo, and fight fellow outlaws to claim your high-value rewards. Some important basics for this slot would be:

  • 10,000x stake max win 
  • 15 paylines
  • high RTP of 96.36%


Game Features

Free spins can be triggered by getting 3 bonus symbols, the more you have the more spins, but 3 will get you 7 free spins. When a bonus symbol lands in the free spin feature it will be collected and used in the final spin and these collected symbols will turn into wilds in the positions they were found. If you get a winning combination with these wilds you get their combined values and a high multiplier attacked too!

If you get 2 bonus symbols the reel will respin depending on where those bonus symbols are and try to find a 3rd bonus symbol, nothing big, but a handy feature

You can get huge symbol wild symbols that have the value of 4 standard wilds attached to them.

There is all that and more for you to find in this slot, get over to Scatters to enjoy everything listed above. 

# 2 Slugger Time Online Slot | Play now for free

Slugger Time 5 reel slots scatters casino

It is a violent semi-horror-themed slot, where you’ll need to fight a few crazies to get your rewards. This slot has 20 paylines, a decent bit of features to help you win and cool graphics, let's just get into it. 

Some basics you should know is, that this slot has an RTP of 96.18 and a max win of 22144x your stake 

Game Features

Wilds are here and you love them, they’ll replace any symbol (outside of the scatter) and help you get a winning connection. Each wild will have a multiplier, the lowest being x2 and the highest x5, in the chicken siege (the free spin feature) these wilds will have a random multiplier, based on which fight you pick.

The free spin will be triggered when you get 3 fight to scatter symbols. When triggered, you pick from 4 different fights that give different amounts of free spins and multipliers.

  • Fight 1: a multiplier of either x2 or x3 and 12 free spins
  • Fight 2: a multiplier of either x3 or x4 and 9 free spins
  • Fight 3: a multiplier of either x4 or x5 and 5 free spins 
  • Fight 4: the multiplier randomly picks from x2 to x5 and everything in between and can go up to 20 free spins.


And finally, you have a bonus buy offer and all wild symbols are sticky for the duration of the free spin session.

1# ROCK 'n' LOCK Online Slot | Play now for free

Rock-n-Lock 5 reel slots scatters casino

This slot is played on a 5x3 reel and will offer over 20 paylines that can get you a max win of 2,340x your stake and a list of loved features like wilds and scatters and a nice old-school them.

Game Features

Wild symbols will substitute for paying symbols in a pay line (outside of Scatters), and you’ll get an extra boost if you get a win with one or more win lines! 

Gold and Platinum Records

These symbols can land anywhere on the reel, and hold a certain value to them, which is affected by the stake. The gold recorders hold anywhere from a 1x to 5x a multiplier, while the platinum will give you much more, the starting multiplier being 7x and the highest 25x, and there is a lot in between, so it can help you get some nice rewards. 

Lock the record

When you land 3 or more record symbols you will trigger this feature, and be rewarded 3 free spins. (You can get more free spins if you land 4 or 5 free spins) once the feature is active all symbols are taken away and the only ones that can land are the record symbol and they are locked. 

As you spin you may or may not get a record symbol, if you do you get your spins to reset, and this will happen till all slots on the reel are full or your run out of spins. Once the feature ends you will be rewarded all the values combined of each of the records that have landed, and if you have a full screen your reward is doubled! 

Online Slot Theme

An old-school-themed slot focusing on the classic rock era of music before everything went digital, full of bright colours, and interesting symbols, definitely something you should try out.

Try this exclusive brand new slot at Scatters today. It has all the amazing features and things you’ll need to have a blast, it’s huge max win doesn’t is also a good reason to play ;)


After reading the amazing list of slots available to you, nothing is stopping you from heading over to Scatters and playing, these slots are amazing and will leave you having a pretty interesting time, these slots are not only perfect for new players but an interesting new experience for older players or players who mainly play classic slots. Play these reels online at Scatters!



How do I play 5 reel slots?

All slots are fairly easy to understand and self-explanatory, but for those who don’t know, its as easy as, loading up the game, making sure you have money in your casino account and pressing the spin icon on the slot, for any important information there will always be a question mark of some sort icon with everything you need.

How do you Win a 5 reel slot?

This question depends on what slot you are playing, but for the most part, you wanna get a combination of the highest paying symbol of the slot, or to trigger a feature that gives some sort of multiplier or higher chance of getting more high-paying symbols and getting a max win.

How do I know a slot is legit?

Each slot hosted on our site is checked before putting on site to see that it follows all rules as a legitimate slot, and all providers hosted on Scatters also follow all rules and legislation. If for some reason any problem happens feel more than free to contact support for anything you need. 


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